Alarm Monitoring

Create procedures that best fit your customer's alarm monitoring needs while still following regulations from local emergency dispatch agencies. Providing our operators with the better procedure and the best individuals to be called assists for the optimum response. Choose from Verifying, Confirming, Dispatching Only, and Dispatching 1st instructions with varying alterations.


Fire alarms are dealt with immediate action ensuring operators determine false alarms effectively and dispatch actual alarms quickly. Central Station operators follow procedures that may best fit your customer's needs or situations while still following regulations from local fire department and emergency dispatch agencies.


In receiving medical alarms, the first minutes are crucial in notifying the appropriate emergency agency and individuals needed to provide the quickest response and help. Providing our operators with the best procedure and best individuals to be called depending on your customer's needs, assists for the best response.


Whether it's from keypads or wireless buttons from residences or the holdup triggers at businesses; once the alarm is received by our trained operators you can be assured police can be notified with needed information immediately. If it's an immediate response or checking to make sure everything is okay before a response, we have a procedure to meet the need.


Upon receiving a burglar alarm operators handle the signal best suited for residential and commercial systems. The central station also adheres to the regulations given by local police and emergency dispatch agencies when dispatching alarms. This includes Confirming, Dispatch Only, and Dispatching 1st. Operators may call the first or all RP's helping prevent false alarms.


We provide elevator and stairwell monitoring where customers may need assistance or help in office buildings, apartment buildings, and even parking garages. Once the emergency call button is pushed recorded messages dial our central station where operators receive them. From there we can speak with individuals needing help and notify the appropriate person or agency. Because of the different applications your Customer may have, we can set up custom procedures suited best for the premise.


From common System Troubles to Environmental alarms, we handle those signals that are not always urgent but need notification. We create procedures to notify subscribers and/or dealers for low batteries, AC fails, supervisory, inactivity reports and more. With more serious conditions such as water detects, temperature detects, and co detects we can customize procedures to best monitor customers safety.

Web Access

Utilize BoldNet giving you access to accounts via the internet or smart device! Dealers and customers may pull up account activity, run reports, place accounts on and off test, check signals, and more. Generate reports that can be viewed 24/7.

3rd Party Billing

You've called on Central Security Communications Inc to handle your alarm monitoring. Why not let us handle your billing, too? We offer third-party billing services to our clients all over the country. We pride ourselves in our flat rates for monitoring and 3rd party billing options. We will not nickel-and-dime you for various offered services.

Opting for our Third Party Billing, allows our dealers to focus on sales, install and service. We bill your customers through Options Monitoring; eliminating your costs for paper, postage, envelopes, and additional labor.

24 Hour Data Entry

Access accounts 24/7 over the phone or online. Update accounts by phone, fax or email.

Give updates 24 hours a day allowing the capability for the best response when changes happen. Call our central station operators able to make updates for your accounts over the phone. We also have a dedicated Data Entry Department reachable business hours to help you set up zoning and procedures that is best suitable for your subscribers.

Dealer/Subscriber Notification

We strive to keep our dealers up to date with their subscribers, whether by phone, reports or the use of BoldNet. Receive permanent or temporary account updates, special temporary instructions and out of town information. Set up procedures so customers get notifications urgently however convenient and when appropriate. Whether we notify 24 hours a day or are given set day/business hours, we establish notifications for all alarms and troubles at optimum hours depending their exigent natures.

Reporting Capabilities

Request reports if desired and choose the format in which to receive it. (paper, email, or BoldNet) You may have the report sent to yourself or your customer.

Special Features & Services

We offer SPECIAL FEATURES AND SERVICES that may be added to your accounts to create customization for unique clients for additional costs depending on the features selected.

These features include:

  • Premises with multiple addresses.
  • Timer tests sent through both land line & IP.
  • Open/close signals and/or schedules for more than one partition.
  • Customized contact lists set for specific suite/units or specific signals.

Account Features

Feel free to utilize features available to enhance your accounts procedures and give your customers peace of mind. Include Password Hints for cases of forgetfulness, Duress Codes to be given in the event of a covert distress emergency, Enhanced Call Verification to help lower false dispatches, Individual Proper Codes allowing specific authorization for specific individuals, and responsible parties (RP'S) with Dedicated Call Times.

Providing important information greatly helps first responders and you can provide it by giving Special Notations such as gate/garages codes, hidden key locations, medical notes, handicap awareness, and even pet advisories.

Dual Accounts

Create added redundancy utilizing Dual Accounts, using 1 account paired on 2 receiver lines. Give your equipment/dialers the capability for having two receivers available to receive signals. This is great for clients who require added assurance for monitoring persons and property for schools, hospitals, banks, including various government buildings.

Receiver capabilities

Add special capabilities for your accounts such as cellular service or z- wave you may choose receiver services from companies like Uplink, Alarmnet, Connect 24, Telguard and

OUR MISSION is to monitor your systems in a professional method in close association with our alarm dealers. We do not sell, install, or service alarm systems. We commit to building assurance in the way we will handle your alarms with accuracy, speed and professionalism.