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Thank you for visiting our website. Central Security Communications Inc provides wholesale alarm monitoring services for alarm companies all over the country. We'll keep an eye on your residential and commercial alarm systems to ensure the proper authorities are dispatched during emergency situations. We also offer third-party billing services.

Contact us today at 800-441-3662 to trust your alarm systems to our professionals.

Central Security Contact Info

Main Contact #'s:

Toll Free: 800-441-3662 or 888-8ALARM8/(888-825-2768)
Denver: 303-825-8195
Greeley: 970-352-3662
Fax: 970-356-8224

Central Station:

Central station staff operators can assist with false alarms and proper code, placing accounts on test, entering new accounts, checking test signals, checking history, account information, updating/changing information regarding responsible parties and out-of-town instructions.
This is as time allows. An operator's time is extremely valuable as they are here to handle alarms. Please understand if an operator asks to get back with you at a later time.

Becca Alaniz- 970-378-2403
(Central Station Manager)

Becca handles customer and contractor complaints, concerns, account information and problems, general central station calls etc.

Office Staff:

Kelley Bethel - 970-378-2402
(Office Manager & Data Entry)

Kelley handles formatting, technical assistance, new contractor assistance, tracking account problems, phone line issues, questions about AlarmNet, Telguard, Connect 24, Uplink, and, customization of reports, account number assignments, as well as customer and contractor complaints and concerns.

Data Entry:

Yvette Pisano 970-378-2406
Tara Eiring 970-378-2405

The data entry department handles contractor account editing, zoning updates/changes, reports, customization of account instructions, permits, account number assignments, transferring/moving accounts, updates, cancels, contactor company information and instructions, contractor cancels and questions.

Permits and Licensing:

Beth Williams- 970-378-2410

Beth handles BoldNet setup and questions, state/city licensing, new contractor questions, account number assignments, proof of monitoring insurance certificates, emergency data sheet requests, questions about high usage accounts and AlarmNet.

Accounts Receivable/Billing/Options Monitoring:


Billing handles third party billing, electronic fund transfer, credit card payments, ACH payments, purchase/sale of accounts, new contractor questions and CSC owned account management.

Executive Management:

Natalie Millikin- 970-378-2411
(Executive Manager)

Natalie handles setup of automated reports, account number assignments, questions about Telguard, Connect 24, Uplink and

Robert Millikin - 970-378-2400