The Job:

Alarm Dispatch (Operator) is a challenging job that requires excellent telephone communication skills, an ability to type, and an ability to read and follow instructions. The job also entails handling competing priorities. This requires the ability to "Multi-Task." It is not a job that you do one thing until it is done then go on to the next task. At peak times, you may be juggling 3-4 different alarm signals at the same time. The training process lasts from 4 to 6 weeks. During this time you will have a trainer assigned to you that will follow you throughout the training process. Although this job can be intimidating at first, and it is a difficult job to learn due to the amount of complexity; once learned, this job is not difficult. This is a very important job. You will be protecting people's lives and property. Occasionally you will catch burglars or save homes and people from fires. This is much more than pushing paper!

Job Requirements:

CSCI runs 24 hours per day, 365 day per year. CSCI never closes. Weekend and holiday shifts have to be covered. CSCI runs 3 shifts per day: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. The job duties vary from shift to shift, but overall they are the same. All applicants must be able to type and have good telephone communication skills. All computer skills will be taught to you during the training. Weekend and Holiday shifts are required for all Operators. CSCI tries to minimize the Weekend/Holiday shifts through the schedule, but it is necessary to spread them out evenly among the staff. Due to the nature of our work, attendance is mandatory for scheduled shifts. We understand the people get sick and valid emergencies come up occasionally and we are willing to work with you on these. Management must approve all absences. Tardiness is an ongoing issue. Due to the way our shifts are setup, all Operators must show up for their shift 5-15 minutes before the shift starts. This allows the operator to find their chair, adjust their workstation to fit them, and get ready to work. Actual work starts on the hour. Excessive absences or tardiness is not tolerated due to the additional stress it places on the other operators. The new operator must be reliable in both attendance and tardiness.


CSCI has a benefits package that rivals those of much larger companies. The operator is responsible for only a portion of the health and dental insurance; the balance is paid by CSCI. If the operator would like to add spouse or children, they can out of their pocket with pre-tax dollars. In addition, life/AD&D plan is provided to the employee with CSCI paying this premium.


Operators pay starts at $14.50 per hour. Second shift receives a $.25 cent differential and Third shift receives a $.50 cent differential. Holidays are paid at time and one half. All hours over 40 per week are paid at time and one half. Regular raise reviews are held every 6 months with the ability to get a raise from $.15 to $.30 based on performance and attendance. Merit raises are granted for exceptional performance. Personal time accrues at 4 hours per month after the first month. Vacation is 40 hours after the first year, 80 hours per year the second year and 120 hours per year the tenth year. Personal Time and Vacation can be taken as time off or cashed in to increase pay.


Being an Operator at CSCI can be very rewarding, both financially and professionally. With an excellent pay/benefit package, a small company atmosphere, and a caring management staff, CSCI can provide the candidate a long-term career with promotional opportunities. The hardest part of the job is learning it. Once learned it becomes second nature. The Millikin family cares deeply about the success, not only the company, but of the individual employees also. There are few things as rewarding as thwarting a burglary or preventing someone's home from being destroyed. If you are looking for a long-term career, with a growth oriented company that cares about employees, doing job that is important, in an industry that is growing rapidly, then perhaps you should seriously consider CSCI for your career, your resume', and your personal growth.