Central Security has been family owned and operated since 1963. Founded as an answering service providing 24 hour availability for local businesses, Millikin Enterprise expanded their serviceability in the field of alarm monitoring. Filling the need of many alarm dealers searching for a center which would grow strong customer relations and allow customized options for monitoring. Over the years our focus has geared us towards improving equipment and training while expanding our facilities.

Today Central Security provides peace of mind for more than just homes and businesses. We proudly monitor schools, hospitals, emergency agencies and more for several alarm dealers. Our growth has gained us customers for multiple states expanding our service nationally; following where alarm dealers needs us. We pride ourselves on providing alarm dealers customizable options to meet their subscriber's alarm and equipment monitoring needs.

Our Operators

Our certified instructor conducts training on site through a simulated station where operators receive several weeks of training learning and practicing every procedure for all alarms and signals the station handles. Operators enter the central station having certifications in dispatching class 1 alarms, knowledge of all procedures and regulations, hours of practice on alarms and above all the professional and courteous manner you will come to know.


Individual stations installed with battery back-ups ensure terminals do not shut downing during emergency situations. Receivers are kept cool in a temperature controlled area and are also equipped with battery back-ups in the event of power outages. The central station is equipped with two industrial generators that power the entire station when required and are tested weekly. Central security's offices and monitoring center are secured and monitored 24/7 by a CCTV. Central Security Communications Inc. is UL listed [UFFX.S3944], receiving yearly inspections and maintaining its accreditation as a central-station protective signaling service.